Melissa & Brian – Cape Cod Proposal

The Proposal:

Brian and Melissa met in high school. They started dating on September 1, 2009 and quickly became inseparable best friends. Throughout thier relationship, Melissa and Brian went to the Cape multiple times a year for vacations and day trips. This soon became their favorite place. They would walk to their favorite spot on the private beach of Edgewater Beach Resort. “We would look at each other and the water, count to three, and take a deep breath because this was the one place where nothing else in the world mattered and we felt completely at ease and relaxed.” On August 1, 2020 Brian took Melissa on a day trip to the Cape, like they’ve done so many times. They arrived at the Edgewater Beach Resort, walked to their spot, counted to three and took a deep breath. As they looked out to the ocean, Brian told Melissa how much he loved her and said “We’ve been coming to this beach for 10 years now. We’ve made a lot of memories here and there are still a lot of memories to make…. Starting with this one. Will you marry me?” Brian was down on one knee with the ring box open. His friend was there taking pictures of the whole thing. Melissa said “Yes!” and cried out of pure bliss. They celebrated by going to some of their favorite places like the Summer Shanty for drinks and apps then The Ocean House for drinks, dinner and dessert. ️ On their ride home, their song came on the radio making a perfect ending to the best day of their lives.

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