What Diamond Shape Is Right For You? - Part 2

What Diamond Shape Is Right For You? - Part 2

By: Ken Barber

When selecting the best diamond shape for an engagement ring, you have to look at all the options individually. Try to imagine what each one reminds you of. Each diamond shape will inspire a person differently, which will guide them to their final decision.

In our previous article, we discussed the Round Brilliant cut–the most popular of all the shapes–and how it inspired me. In this week’s article, we are going to discuss the next, most popular shape: the Princess cut. Ironically, this shape is a drastic contrast to the Round Brilliant cut, forgoing smooth curves for sharp edges. While the Round Brilliant cut is traditional, the Princess cut is a modern alternative. 


Princess Cut

The first Princess cut was created in the 1970s–a modern novelty considering diamond cutting began in the 14th century. The most prominent characteristics of this shape include sleek lines and sharp, crisp corners. While this cut may sacrifice a bit of sparkle to create its shape, this style proves that there is elegance in simplicity. Paired with a dignified cathedral setting or as a timeless solitaire, the beauty of the Princess cut is something to be revered. This contemporary diamond shape reminds me of soaring skyscrapers, all glass and metal reaching into the clouds; representing stability and sophistication.

Princess-cut diamond on a 14k White Gold Solitaire band.

Ken Barber is a Bridal Specialist at Providence Diamond and a US Army Veteran. Ken has been in the jewelry industry for over 20 years, working across the country. His favorite part about the Bridal experience is seeing the pure joy on the young couples' faces after they find the perfect engagement ring, knowing that they are about to start an exciting new chapter in their life together.

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