Erica & Chris - Home Run Proposal!

Erica & Chris - Home Run Proposal!

By: Providence Diamond

Congratulations Erica & Chris! Chris proposed to Erica on the mound at Fenway Park. Chris knew how much Erica loved the Red Sox, so Chris’ proposal hit it out of the park!

How They Met:
We had our first date at a Sox game on April 16, 2016.  A date I almost didn’t go on, because who gives up Sox tickets for a blind first date!  After hardly watching the game because we were enjoying each other’s company, we decided to grab a drink.  My sister and her boyfriend just “happened” to be there too, and we met up so we could dish on Chris later.  Turns out she adored him too. After the longest first date I’ve ever been on, we spent the next 18 months growing together, realizing our quirks were compatible, and falling more in love.

How He Asked:

If you can’t tell from how we met, I am a huge Red Sox fan and unbeknownst to me, Chris had been planning a surprise for 3 months that all hinged on their playoff schedule.  On Friday, October 6th, Chris had taken the day off and had told me he had a surprise day planned for me.  After begging for details for two weeks prior, he told me on our way that we were heading to Boston. When we pulled up in front of Fenway, I was pumped and he said we were going on the public tour, which I had always wanted to do (and actually mentioned on our first date).  We start the tour and were learning about the history of the park and about to head to the Green Monster when Chris received a text from a buddy that we have to go meet. Immediately upon meeting her (without my knowing she was actually the events coordinator for the Sox), she invites us onto the field and I was beside myself!  Then we meet the head grounds keeper who invites us to go onto the pitchers mound…the mound at Fenway Park!  Before we head out, Chris pulls a jersey out of a bag he was carrying, an Ortiz jersey, my favorite player.  We walk out to the mound and I cannot believe I am standing there.  Then Chris tells me he has one more surprise. Before I know it, he pulled out a box and got down on one knee, in the middle of Fenway and asked me to marry him. My heart had never been so happy.

My ring is stunning – an oval single stone, set in rose gold, with a thin diamond band. It’s a dream (he is too).

Thank you Erica & Chris for sharing your beautiful story with us!