Nicole & Jeff - Thanksgiving Proposal

Nicole & Jeff - Thanksgiving Proposal

Where was your proposal? 
My proposal was during Thanksgiving dinner at my aunt's house in Long Island, NY.

How did you meet?
Jeffrey and I met at the Boston Marathon in 2012. It’s a funny story actually, I spotted him from across a room of hundreds of people and was in awe. That first week, I already knew. However, I lived in New York at the time, and him in Massachusetts. We said we’d be friends and visit one another. Little did we know it would be almost every other weekend! We began dating shortly after and before you know it, I was living up in New England, away from everything and everyone I knew. If I could go back, I wouldn’t change a thing.

How did he/she ask?  
Jeffrey asked me in front of nearly my entire family. It’s a tradition on Thanksgiving that everyone at the table goes around to say what their thankful for in my family. I had no idea, but Jeffrey planned it with my uncle (whose always at the head of the table). While going around, my uncle skipped over Jeff. At the end, Jeff reminds my uncle he’s forgotten him. Jeff tells my entire family how thankful he is for me. Now mind you, this entire time I’m thinking he maybe had a few too many whiskeys with my brother. I’m turning red from embarrassment, trying to shush him, having absolutely no idea what he was about to do. I look over and he’s getting out of his seat and down on one knee. My face in the video said it all, complete shock, but complete love. Without any hesitation (and hardly letting him finish asking), I said yes and grabbed him so tight.

Tell us your ring!   
My ring is my DREAM ring. It’s an oval cut diamond with a diamond halo on a thin and delicate band wrapped with tiny diamonds. There’s so much tiny detail under the stone where it meets the band, with a tiny little diamond on the stem on each side. My wedding band is just as stunning, infinity band with circles and diamond shapes, each with a small stone inside.

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