Sara & Erik - A walk to remember!

Sara & Erik - A Walk To Remember!

By: Providence Diamond

Congratulations Sara & Erik! Erik knew Sara was expecting a proposal, so he had to work a little harder to surprise her. He proposed at one of their favorite spots to walk together.

How They Met:

We met online, and had our first date at the Toasted Owl (I like to call it the Crusted Squirrel) in Northampton, MA. One of our first dates was going to a movie in West Springfield, but with both of us enjoying a good laugh, we had to make it a little more interesting. We met at Savers (local thrift store) with the agreement that we could each pick the other’s outfit for the movie. I ended wearing a circa 1970 yellow plaid vest, while she wore a florescent purple blouse with massive shoulder pads. We were the oddest looking couple in the movies, but never stopped laughing. Four years later, we still haven’t stopped laughing together.




How He Asked:

At the Westville Dam in Sturbridge, MA.

We moved in together in Sturbridge, MA a few years ago. Both of us like to take walks, and this was a perfect spot to go for a quick mile walk. The Westville Dam is one of our favorite spots in Sturbridge. I asked her during a walk around the Westville Dam in Sturbridge the night before we were schedule to travel to Chicago to run the marathon. I knew that she believed I was going to ask her during our vacation. Knowing that, I wanted to find a time and place that would completely take her by surprise. I asked her mid-walk around the dam to her complete shock. We were then able to celebrate the engagement for the next week, culminating in a great run that Sunday at the race.


She wanted to stay classic with the ring. I ended up choosing a beautiful round single solitaire for her ring.
We will definitely be coming back for the wedding bands.

Thank you Sara & Erik for sharing your beautiful story with us!